Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Most Wanted- SS/2011- Urban Outfitters

I've collaborated the latest set, from Urban Outfitters.

My Most Wanted- Georgie Henley

Here's my "Most Wanted- Georgie Heney" set. Image sets courtesy of Click thumbnail for full image.

My Most Wanted- SS/2011- ASOS

Here is my first 'Most Wanted'- ASOS Spring/Summer 2011. I picked out those that I felt had a strong Spring feeling. Click on thumbnails for larger image.

Welcome to "My Most Wanted: The Fashion Archive"!

"My  Most Wanted" is a blog that aims to ease the fashion guilt that lots of us have: of not being able to afford it! Here I archive all the different items I'd love to have but will never be able to afford them. *wink*
I also keep tabs on certain celebrity styles, mainly Emma Watson and Georgie Henley (of Narnia fame).

Note: This blog was originally just for my poor aching fashion heart, so if it doesn't make much sense or doesn't interest you, don't think much of it. :)